Inventory Control

Warehouse Inventory Control Management

  • Performs overall inventory management for warehouses using multiple station checks and verification; provides electronic signature for person responsible check and verification station is stamped on each incoming, outgoing and adjustable transaction
  • Tracks incoming inventories via purchase orders; handles partial delivery, multiple deliveries, and return of unacceptable deliveries
  • Tracks outgoing inventories via request for shipment; handles partial shipments, product replacement, error shipments, and return of shipments
  • Tracks adjustment transactions of inventories; handles non-returnable damaged goods, and lost and found items
  • Conducts periodic physical counts of inventories to balance actual and system numbers; automatically generates adjustment records based upon result of each physical count
  • Provides instant count of available inventory for each product when approving shipping request; handles backordered items, multiple priorities to fulfill backordered items, and backordered items listing reports
  • Provides report of pending incoming items including partial deliveries; handles close-out of a purchase order when all items are received
  • Provides ability to set ordering warning level for each product and handle fluctuation of demands (A product may have a different ordering warning level form each month. Product ordering warning levels can be set manually or automatically by the system based upon past and current demands.)
  • Provides on-screen product status summary reports that highlight all products that are backordered, under an ordering warning level, expected to come in, or show a demand or lack of demand
  • Tracks shipping and product costs for each shipment and computes product average cost when costs for incoming products differ
  • Interfaces with UPS and other major package carriers and sends confirmation e-mail to receiver of shipment
  • Integrates seamlessly with all major accounting systems; creates transaction journal of product cost and shipping cost for each incoming, outgoing, and adjustment transaction