HR Manager

Government Human Resource Management

  • Interfaces with the National Finance Center (NFC) or other government payroll processing systems
  • Tracks the entire hiring process from vacancy announcement through applicant processing, to security investigation and ongoing professional training
  • Maintains a database of past and current employees, contractors, students, volunteers, and others
  • Provides workload management screens for different groups of personnel within the administrative offices such as: Human Resource Manager, Staffing, Security Officers, Benefit Coordinator, Employee Relation/EEO/Union, Training, Information Technology, Office Managers, and Building Facility
  • Integrates security features for data access for each group of users based on business rules specified by each client
  • Provides complete data audit-trail reports for each record; has built-in audit trails for all data changes and deletions to include: who, when, what, which transaction, before value, and after value
  • Maintains tight and consistent communication between the above group of users by automatically sending e-mail messages for certain situations, including new incoming employees and non-employees such as contractors, students, and volunteers; departing employees and non-employees; changing of name, title, section, and position
  • Provides consolidated management reports, including summary of allowed, on-board (full-time and part-time) and vacant positions for each category of employees for each section within the agency; retirement estimates for each age group; and potential retirement savings plan (RSP) contributions over the IRS allowed amount
  • Provides user-definable, quick reporting feature allowing non-programmers to select personnel information that can be exported to other spreadsheets, databases, or office software products