Case Tracker

Legal Case Tracking and Caseload Management

  • Tracks the full legal process of events of civil and criminal cases from the lower courts to the higher courts, including the Supreme Court
  • Tracks employees’ time by case and non-case work
  • Tracks expenses by case; interfaces with agency’s existing financial management system
  • Provides workload management screens for section managers, attorneys, paralegal staff, support staff, data entry personnel, record management personnel, financial analysts, and other staff members
  • Integrates security features for data access for each group of users based on business rules specified by each client
  • Provides complete data audit-trail reports for each case; has built-in audit trails of all data changes and deletions to include: who, when, what, which transaction, before value, and after value
  • Gives managers consolidated reports on time spent on projects; cost of expenses and outcome on a case or group of cases; summary of cases received, closed, and pending within a time period for various categories of cases; and percentage of win/lose/partial win of cases within a time period for various categories of cases
  • Provides user-definable, quick reporting feature allowing non-programmers to select cases that can be exported to other spreadsheets, databases, or office software products