How We Work

How We Work

When you hire VIS, you hire experts in the development of business management software solutions. Over the years, we have honed our software development process into a streamlined, baseline methodology, resulting in low-risk cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our three-phased approach to developing a new software solution, from the initial assessment phase to the delivery and installation of the application, takes approximately six to nine months.

Here is our product development approach:

Phase l – We will send a core team of technology experts to visit your office to determine your business requirements. Working closely with your key business and technology personnel, our team will review your mission requirements, assess your current technology, and identify the software approach that best leverages your current assets into a cost-effective solution.

Phase 2 – Within two to three months, we will custom-fit a solution that gives you optimum results in obtaining data and in managing complex types of information. Full-proof security checks will be integrated throughout the system to prevent entry by unauthorized personnel into any segment of the system. We will install the new software product in your office for initial testing, collect feedback from your users, evaluate findings, and make all necessary changes.

Phase 3 – During the fourth and fifth months, we will fine-tune the software and prepare it for delivery and installation. We will correct any problems with the software application or with the integration of the software into your production environment.

Within a four to six month timeframe, our team will deliver the approved and fully tested system and will make arrangements for product training and ongoing technical support.